What does home mean to you? With a wide range of housing possibilities, we can provide you with an environment best suited to fulfill your wishes and meet your wants and needs. If you choose to live in one of our homes, a nurse will become a part of your support team. Their role is to assure that all of your healthcare needs are coordinated between the proper medical professionals and your Arc Mid-Hudson staff. They can also serve as the initial go-to person when a medical issue arises.


Traditional Family Homes

We can provide you with a home-like setting right in your community. In our traditional homes, you may have a roommate and will live with anywhere between two and ten people who will share meals, activities and friendship.


Supervised Apartments

In a supervised apartment, you will typically share an apartment, but have your own bedroom and access to 24-hour on-site staff within your building. We will meet your needs, providing you with necessary services and creating the right combination of assistance and independence.


Supported Apartments

Our supported apartments provide you with the opportunity to live most independently but still receive some help, such as assistance with finances and transportation/support for medical visits. These homes are designed to allow you self-sufficiency, with a few hours of staff assistance per week.


Residential Opportunities in Putnam County

We partner with families to open doors to greater independence and lifelong growth. Each person who moves into a home with The Arc Mid-Hudson is welcomed and valued as an unique individual and joins a supportive and caring community.  We create individualized homes that provide respect, care and support to assist each person achieve their greatest potential.

We currently have 13 supervised Individual Residential Alternative (IRA) group homes throughout Putnam County, which provide residential opportunities for 123 adults who require 24-hour staff support and guidance. A Registered Nurse also oversees the medical care residents receive in every home and works closely with families to communicate information and any/all concerns. We also provide supported apartment opportunities for individuals, who require a lower level of staff support and are working towards achieving a higher level of independence.  Currently, we have 5 apartment locations in Carmel and Patterson that provide staff support and guidance in the areas of grocery shopping, money management, house cleaning, medical appointment support, and transportation.

As a CQL accredited agency, every individual supported in Residential services is offered the opportunity to engage in a person-centered planning process and interview to develop Personal Outcome Measures.  From these interviews, personal interests are supported and personal goals are developed. These are incorporated into each individual’s Life plan and habilitation goals and are reviewed and updated regularly. Each person is encouraged to assert their rights, make personal decisions and assume responsibilities wherever possible.

Person-centered planning is an approach that focuses on what individuals prefer and identify as their goals.  It emphasizes capabilities and what works best for each person and builds services around these factors, rather than trying to fit the person
into a system. The ultimate goal of person-centered planning is life enrichment.  Generally this means supporting people to develop meaningful relationships and participating in activities within their community.

For more information, please contact The Arc Mid-Hudson’s Utilization Management staff:

W. H. Mahon, Jr.

Director of Transition & Utilization Management
845.225.5650, ext. 1139


Amanda Hatcher

Coordinator of Transition & Utilization Management
845.225.5650, ext. 1178