Become a Volunteer

We welcome all volunteers and offer a large variety of options to accommodate your interests and availability. From art and music to sports and cooking, you can make a difference simply by donating your time.


Volunteer opportunities are available throughout Greene, Ulster and Putnam counties and can be arranged through our human resources department.


For more information or to apply, call Tammy Paquette, Recruitment Manager, at (845) 331-4300 ext. 233.



Guardianship Volunteer

As a volunteer guardian representative, you will become a part of the team responsible for the rights, interests and desires of the people you support. Your role as a guardian will include monthly visits and selecting gifts for holidays and birthdays. Through your role, you will develop a strong connection with those you care for and over time many guardianship volunteers view those they support as family. You will not assume any personal financial liability for the adult for whom you are the guardian.


For more information or to apply, call Melissa Nilsen, Director of Quality Management & Corporate Compliance, at (845) 331-4300 ext. 275.