Day Services

Important Updates- Cairo Re-opening Safety Plan

Important Updates -Pecora Re-opening Safety Plan


Day Services are available to all adults during daytime hours, giving you the opportunity to join with people who are like-minded and can appreciate shared experiences. More formally known as Day Habilitation, our programs and classes are specifically geared towards a variety of age groups from young adults to senior citizens. These activities will help you build life skills, explore your community, become a contributing member of your society and spend time with friends.


Below is a sampling of activities that you may choose to participate in each day:


  • Continuing Education: Learn a variety of new life skills and broaden your education.
  • Volunteerism: Offer your help and dedicate your time to a local animal shelter, soup kitchen, nature preserve or meal delivery service. Check out some of the places where folks from The Arc Mid-Hudson volunteer by visiting our The Arc Gives Back page.
  • Health and Wellness: Be an active participant in your health, fitness and nutritional needs by taking a cooking class, going for a walk with friends or exercising at the YMCA, among other activities.
  • Entrepreneurial Activities: We can help you develop your own ideas or partner with local businesses to achieve your vision.
  • The Arts: Cultivate your artistic expression through a variety of mediums, such as painting, drawing, crafting and sculpting. Your work may be displayed in local exhibits and shows.
  • Horticulture: Get a hands-on experience working with plants. You can create fairy gardens and terrariums, build custom living creations and cultivate plants. Our Wall Street site is home to our plant store Green Thumbs.
  • Community Outings: Join us on a variety of excursions that explore the unique culture of Ulster and Greene counties.


The Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program is a specialized day program for adults on the autism spectrum. We work in partnership with the clinical, residential and day program services to give you a person-centered approach that will help you reach your life goals.


You will work with an Applied Behavioral Science Specialist to develop a plan that will serve as a roadmap for all involved in your care. It will provide staff with guidelines for effective communication; it will help you plan your days; and it will help you identify and develop skills that you deem most important.


Many of our activities will help you become more self-sufficient and increase your independence. Come join us!


Day Services in Putnam County

Our Site Based Day Habilitation program works with individuals to EXPERIENCE a variety of task and learn or build upon skills to enrich individual’s life. Individuals EXPLORE the community to apply practicum skills and discover new and different opportunities. We take the opportunity to VOLUNTEER, where we are able to give back to the community along with learning new job skills to build upon their own. Individuals are able to CONNECT and make friendships with other individuals and create relationships in the community.  Individuals also take part in creating recreational activities which incorporate fun and learning.


Our Without Walls program is much like or sight based program difference being it’s based in the community. Individuals take part in creating recreational activities, continuing to learn task and have EXPERIENCE’s which enrich the individual’s life.  They are continuously EXPLORING and learn about their community around them. The individual takes part in a number of VOLUNTEER activities where they are able to learn job skills and take pride in giving back to the community, along with helping others.  Individuals are encouraged to make relationships and CONNECT with people in the community while building skills.



For Day Services in Putnam County, Please contact:

Dave Zoller

Director of Day Habilitation