Humanitarian Dinner 2017

Attend the 36th Annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner

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On Friday, May 5th, at the Best Western Plus, Washington Avenue in Kingston, The Arc of Ulster-Greene is thrilled to host our 36th Annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner.


The Arc of Ulster-Greene Foundation will honor Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, HMS Host / Plattekill Travel Plaza, Glasco Fire Company, Merriam & Robert Boening, Laurie Gallagher and Samantha Michaels at our 36th Annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner.


Cocktail Hour:   6:00 PM

Dinner and Program:   7:00 PM    


The 2017 Humanitarian Awards Dinner is sponsored by Relph Benefit Advisors, Rifton Equipment and D&D Automotive.


Meet the Honorees

Humanitarian of the Year – Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

Created in 1963, The IBM Kingston Employees Federal Credit Union provided outstanding service to its members. Then in 2002, they changed their nameto Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (MHVFCU) and became a community credit union, offering trusted, financially sound services to people and businesses in Ulster, Dutchess, and Orange Counties.  Today, MHVFCU serves over 73,000 members and has over $918 million in assets. MHVFCU has supported The Arc of Ulster-Greene since 1994 through both volunteerism and donations. Over the years, they have allowed their employees to volunteer as members on our Foundation Board.  In this capacity, they attend monthly Board Meetings as well as serve on event committees, and assist with any additional fundraising efforts. The Arc of Ulster-Greene benefits greatly through MHVFCU donations and event sponsorships. With their sponsorships, MHVFCU offers their employees an opportunity to take part in our events and learn more about our organization. In addition to their monetary contributions, the credit union has donated many prizes and items that have been used to raise monies for the mission of The Arc of Ulster-Greene. MHVFCU’s generous support can no longer go without recognition.  They believe in our mission and promote what we do, and because of this, we have named them our Humanitarian of the Year.



Heart of Gold Award – Glasco Fire Company

 The Glasco Fire Department, a volunteer fire company, has been helping the local community in their time of need since 1949.  Based in Glasco, NY, they consist of volunteer men and women who devote their time to protect their community from the devastation of a fire and assist when needed in accidents or other such emergencies. The Glasco Fire Department was named our Heart of Gold recipient for their patience and understanding when working with the people who live at Glasco House and Arc Apartments.  When Glasco House was opened in 2001, we had many false alarms due to people cooking meals.  Through the process of adjusting the alarms, the Glasco Fire Department worked with us to assure everyone who lived there was safe and secure, and there was no real fire.  They always showed up, no matter the time, day or night. We have since gotten the alarms adjusted to a more realistic operational level, but we still sometimes have false alarms, and they always show up, ready to take action if necessary. The firemen have had numerous meetings with our staff, to work out all the kinks.  Several years back, the fire personnel asked if they could do a training at the Glasco House, so that they could see the floor plans and meet the ladies who live there in the event there was a fire, the fire fighters would be familiar faces. 



Employer of the Year –  HMS Host, Plattekill Travel Plaza

 Good employers nurture their employees, creating a welcoming and productive work environment, yielding the very best out of their workforce.  If this is the definition of a good employer, then HMS Host at the Plattekill Travel Plaza are great employers!  As a business that acquires staff from The Arc of Ulster-Greene’s talent pool, the HMS Host leadership accepts, accommodates, and works with The Arc of Ulster-Greene Employment Services Team to develop the very best employees possible.  The HMS Host management team understands that people sometimes have barriers that make it difficult for them to do certain aspects of their job.  Thankfully, their positive and caring approach has allowed the people who work there to have greater, more meaningful skills, a network of support while at work, increased self-esteem and overall enhanced job satisfaction.  Because of their true commitment to integration, the people we support have developed greater, more meaningful natural supports.  This has led to increased self-esteem and job satisfaction. It is because of these reasons, and many more, that HMS Host at the Plattekill Travel Plaza has been named Employer of the Year.



Jack Deyo Award for Advocacy – Merriam & Robert Boening

 To say that Merriam and Robert “Bob” Boening have been long-time supporters of The Arc of Ulster-Greene is an understatement.  Bob joined The Arc’s Board of Directors in 1972.  Throughout his 45 year tenure, he has held each officer position, as well as served on every Committee on the Board and chaired most of them.  Bob is an agency liaison for the Foundation Board of Directors as well. Merriam, a retired registered nurse, has been a Foundation Board Member since 2005, and held officer positions of Treasurer and Secretary during this time.  While on the Board, she has been a member of each of the event committees.  Merriam also is a member of the Quality Review Committee of the Agency Board of Directors. The Boening’s advocate on a daily basis for the betterment of those supported and staff members at The Arc of Ulster-Greene, whether they are at a meeting, agency function, or in their community.  They define the true meaning of “advocates” and The Arc of Ulster-Greene is proud to acknowledge their efforts and present them with the Jack Deyo Award for Advocacy.



Employee of the Year – Laurie Gallagher

 Dedicated, compassionate, creative, funny, loyal, tenacious, generous, hard-working, reliable, intelligent….these are all words used to describe Laurie Gallagher, our Employee of the Year. Laurie has been an employee of The Arc of Ulster-Greene for 28 years.  Laurie’s contributions throughout this time have been immense. In early 2016, Laurie was nominated as “Employee of the Month” for all of the “above and beyond” work she has done in helping to open The Arc of Ulster-Greene’s operations at  the Rondout Municipal Center.  She has put in countless hours to get the Blackboard Bistro up and running.  She is always looking for possible opportunities as they arise, whether it be for pricing equipment, getting free furniture or hiring outstanding, experienced staff.  She has even dusted off her apron and worked shifts cooking for the Blackboard Bistro.  She is always quick to help out as best she can, regardless of how busy she is. For these reasons, and many more that are too numerous to mention, Laurie Gallagher has been named Employee of the Year!



Personal Achievement Award – Samantha Michaels

Samantha Michaels is a strong, articulate, ambitious woman who knows what she wants and needs in life.  Perhaps as a testament to her upbringing, Samantha believes that with diligence and hard work, you can accomplish what ever goals you set for yourself. In 2010, Samantha moved to Ulster County and began her connection with The Arc of Ulster-Greene. She participated in the Renaissance Day Program, moved into a home supported by The Arc of Ulster-Greene and began to set her own adult goals.  Unfortunately, being around so many people and staff was often times overwhelming and Samantha internalized much of this strife. Over the following years and with support, a new living environment and a new job, Samantha began to accomplish some of those goals she set forth earlier and made much progress towards her desire to be most self-sufficient. Today, Samantha is an accomplished professional with her own apartment. Currently she is a Clerical Assistant and Assistant Trainer in the Human Resources Department at The Arc of Ulster-Greene. Samantha is a shining example of  perseverance and dedication. It is an honor to award her with the Personal Achievement Award.