Every person is considered legally competent at the age of 18, regardless of any limiting condition the person may have.  For this reason, many families feel they must obtain guardianship to keep their loved one safe.  In New York, families can apply for guardianship of their adult family member based on a qualifying diagnosis of an intellectual or other developmental disability.  An application to obtain guardianship can be made with or without the assistance of a lawyer, but the process can be complicated and most families seek counsel.  Once the process is complete, the legal guardian ensures the person receives proper medical treatment, while also ensuring the emotional and social needs of the person are fulfilled.  Guardianship is only one of several planning options for families who want to ensure their developmentally disabled loved one gets the help they need in the future.  Although guardianship is helpful when a person has limited decision making capabilities, it removes the civil liberties of the person subjected to guardianship.Guardianship can be disadvantageous to a developmentally disabled person who can make some decisions and who wishes to progress and become as independent as possible. Most people receive assistance from family, friends and / or paid professionals when making major life decisions and people with intellectual disabilities can receive this type of needed support without the assistance of a guardian. There are many  alternatives to guardianship, such as power of attorney , surrogate decision making, health care proxy, representative payee arrangements and special needs trusts.  Like guardianship, these alternatives work best when they are put into place prior to the need for the support they provide.


The Arc Mid-Hudson has a corporate guardianship program under the auspices of The Arc of New York, our parent corporation.  Guardianship decisions are made by a group of community volunteers, including a person who receives services from the agency.  Our committee attempts to give the individuals with primary guardianship through The Arc of New York as much input into decision making as is possible.  We take the guardianship advocacy role seriously and we do our best to listen to the individuals we support.


Please contact The Arc Mid-Hudson if you would like more information about guardianship, guardianship alternatives or our corporate guardianship program.