ENRICH Program

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The ENRICH program is designed for high school students with IEPS/504 plans and/or who are affected by a learning or other developmental disabilities. The ENRICH Program serves 13 area school districts and BOCES to provide students the ability to gain work experience, make connections to their community and learn important life skills in a supported, nurturing environment. This program has become a necessary support for transition planning for students, parents, schools and families.
SCHOOLS who enroll students receive support to meet State Education CDOS standards and documentation of Work Based Learning hours. Acces VR sponsored pre‐employment services are individualized and can be offered in your school district or your community. STUDENTS who attend ENRICH will engage in a variety of work and volunteer experiences in the community. Students will gain work skills and social skills that is crucial for future employment. FAMILIES are encouraged to be involved in the program through regular communication, support meetings and opportunities to attend training on services available to them.


For more information contact:


Laurie Gallagher, Youth Pre‐Employment Manager
(845) 768‐5070


Tracy Coddington, Youth Pre‐Employment Supervisor
(845) 768‐5075


Anne DeWitt‐Morse, Senior Youth Job Developer
(845) 514‐7937