Hiring an intern makes good business sense. When an intern joins your team, they bring a fresh perspective to your office and can cut down on your recruitment costs. As you work with your new intern, you can train this person to learn your particular business and learn where they will best fit in your organization. Interns can also help your employees do a better job as they will work hard to set a good example for the person they are training.


If you think an intern is right for your company, consider working with our successful internship program. We offer two internship models to accommodate your business needs.


For more information on internships, please contact Julie Steffen, Regional Director (845) 338-1234 ext. 368.


Adult Internship

Similar to an apprenticeship, our adult internship program helps unemployed adults learn your business. Under your leadership, the intern will learn the skills needed to be employed at your business. Once the trainee has a comprehensive understanding and the abilities necessary to perform the job, you will find that they will be the best person for the job. We hope that once the internship is complete, you will be able to find a placement for him/her within your company.


We believe that part of building self-confidence is to receive payment for your work, even as an intern. But as a business, we understand that it may be difficult for you to pay an employee who does not yet have the skills necessary to perform the job. We can help. Our employment program can either reimburse you directly or provide your intern with a salary.


Student Internship

Young adults provide a level of eagerness, enthusiasm and perspective that can bring life into your company. By working with a student intern, you will gain exposure to a new demographic, guide a person who is excited to learn your business and secure future talent.


We will work with you to find a student who is looking to begin a career in your field, but does not have the necessary experience to obtain a position upon graduation. At the end of the internship we hope you will consider this person for a position at your company or become a reference when he/she interviews for a job after graduation.